Who's Moataz Manasra


Who is Mutaz Manasra

Mutaz is a self-made entrepreneur and visionary, born in Jerusalem on 27/8/1989, in Amman/Jordan into a successful business environment. Keen to get started, Mutaz began his early career at the age of 18.

Mutaz completed a Bachelor's degree in business with a major in administration. His early career path was characterized by struggle and success as he sponsored many national initiatives and operational plans amongst the local youth.

  • Mutaz also went on to achieve an Honorary Doctorate in Business Development from University of West America. He was later awarded the title of an international peace ambassador.
  • Mutaz’s creativity mentality has been characterized by developmental thinking as he has helped develop several international institutions, and companies.


Certificates in the field of consulting

  • Honorary Doctorate in Business Development (University of West America)
  • Certified Business Development Consultant from Harvard University


Parliament Elections - 2020

Mutaz Manasrah ran for the 2020 parliamentary elections for the capital, Amman/Jordan, Fifth District.